Brazio (BRAZ)

    Source Code
    Mineable true
    Algorithm HMQ1725
    Work Type PoW
    Block Reward 200.0
    POW Reward Information

    Reward starts at 200 BRAZ per block and halves at every 210,000 blocks (10% of the reward goes to the Brazio fund).

    Block Time (sec) 300
    Genesis Date 2018-04-24
    Maximum Supply 207,000,000
    Premine 41,400,000
    Blockchain Information
    Updated 2018-06-18 22:11 UTC
    Current Supply 49,736,802
    Latest Block 41,581
    Difficulty 2.31
    Network Hash Rate 210 MH/s
    Exchange Name
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"Making cents out of coinfusion"