Buenos (BUEN)

    Source Code https://buenos.io/github.com/buenoscoin/buenoscoin
    Mineable true
    Algorithm HMQ1725
    Work Type APoW
    Block Reward 100.0
    POW Reward Information

    Reward per block is 100 BUEN (90% to miner, 10% to stability fund).

    Block Time (sec) 60
    Genesis Date 2018-05-16
    Maximum Supply 500,000,000
    Premine 100,000,000
    Blockchain Information
    Updated 2018-06-18 22:13 UTC
    Current Supply 100,615,600
    Latest Block 6,206
    Difficulty 19.62
    Network Hash Rate 458 MH/s
    Pool Name Pool Fee
    Exchange Name
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"Making cents out of coinfusion"